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Greece to offer 50% tax break for returning professionals

By 18/11/2020 No Comments

With Brexit just around the corner and with more than 800.000 professionals having left Greece during the past few years, the Greek Government has decided to pass a Law providing for tax incentives not only for returning professionals, but also for “digital migrants”.

The Greek Government hopes that this move will not only improve job creation, battling the so-called “brain drain” of the latest years, but it will also attract citizens residing abroad, that wish either to return to Greece or to move to an E.U. member state in view of the upcoming Brexit or simply to take advantage of the tax break.

It is worth noting that this is the latest effort of the Greek Government to attract foreign nationals, after implementing an extremely favorable framework for investors ( and pensioners moving their tax residence to Greece (

Up until this moment, according to Greek law, all profits amounting to more than €40.000,00 were subject to 44% tax regime.

However, the new draft law, that will be brought to the Parliament by the end of 2020, is meant to offer a 50% exemption on income earned in Greece by professionals, either working for an employer or independently, that are willing to move their tax residence to Greece. Said professionals will be benefiting from the new tax regime for the following seven years.

In order for a professional worker to be eligible to fall within the scope of this favorable tax regime, they need to have had their tax residence outside of Greece for the past seven years. This means that the main grounds for eligibility is the tax residence, as there will be no restrictions depending on the type of work or the level of income. According to the government’s officials, qualifying for this tax package will only be possible if the professional transfers their residence during 2021.

Of course, since remote working is becoming a reality for more and more professionals, because of the rapid acceleration of technological advancement, but also due to the COVID-19 restrictions all around the globe, any person teleworking can take advantage of the new regime, after simply transferring their tax residence to Greece.

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